10 Ways to Improve Your Writing!

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No one wants to read articles or posts which are grammatically incorrect or repetitive or boring, so today I thought I would give some advice and signpost you to sites which can help.

The advice given is mainly aimed at blog posts but can be applied to any area of your writing- whether it is website content, promotional material, an e book or a social media post.

Here goes.


Write as much as you can! Now when I say this I don’t mean that you should sit from dawn till dusk with a pen in your hand; just plan to write as often as you can when time permits. The more you write, the better you become. You also start to develop your own writing style It’s like this with anything, Practice becomes custom.


Read, read and read. Whether it is good quality magazines, newspapers or books, it all helps. Some of the words in the material that I read goes completely over my head, so I always have a notebook and dictionary handy to write a list of new words that I need to look up later.


Learn new words or at least one new word a week and use them in sentences or conversations. I started to do this by using a book that a friend gave to me called ‘500 Words you should know’ by former editor Caroline Taggart.


It’s obvious that you need to proofread your own work, (also get another pair of eyes to look over your work for you) and reading other people’s work can actually help you. Spotting grammatical errors in articles written by other people help to keep you motivated to write better and to be more careful in your own work.

I’ve shared my tips, so what do others have to say on the matter?

Let’s see.


Be around people who share your passion and love for writing!  You could join writing groups or as Word Stream suggests you could join a workshop or attend classes.


Anyone who has read any of my blogs knows that I am always going on about looking up information for yourself and doing your own ‘research.’ Elegant Themes make a good point with Establishing Good Writing Habits.


Forbes mentions using a wide range of vocabulary which relates to my third point. They go on to say that you should not over complicate matters. In other words, be jargon-free while using language appropriate for your audience.  The article can be found here.


Following on from point Seven, it is important that you know who your audience is, so that when you write, as Business2Community says, you should, Always put yourself in the readers’ shoes.


Using quotes in your writing, adds an ‘expert,’ feel to your work (where appropriate) and makes your piece more interesting. Enchanting Marketing makes lots of valid points, but sections 18 – 21 are more relevant for blog posts.


I am ending with another of my own tips – Love what you do and do what you love. Try to enjoy the process of reading and researching and drafting your work.  If you enjoy your writing, others are likely to enjoy it too!

I hope that this has been of some help to you.

Remember, if you have a blog which needs to be revived, or you need help to start your blog I can help. I also deliver workshops to help move you forward on your blogging journey.

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