5 Christmas Social Media Marketing Tips

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Can you believe that in two months time it will be Christmas day? Well, whether you’re ready or not, it’s true. You can expect to see Christmas marketing go up a notch if it hasn’t already!

If you are an SME or entrepreneur you may not have a huge budget to spend on your social media marketing campaign. That’s not to say that you can’t have fun doing some research and taking a leaf out of the books of established brands.

Here are five sources of information to get you started.


‘It unites people around a common interest or experience, and ideally, creates a trend.’

This is Impact’s definition of a successful campaign from Social Media Campaign Ideas.


‘The following holiday marketing tips and promotion ideas will help you refine your efforts to ramp up sales during the most profitable time of the year.’

According to US site Big Commerce via Tips and Strategies for a Successful Holiday Marketing Campaign


Timely and relevant content shows that you’re not just interested in your brand/product, it demonstrates that you’re on the ball and up to date with current trends and events.’

NS Design reminds us why we need to think about seasonal adjustments for content with Ways to add Christmas Cheer to your Social Media Content.


‘The latest John Lewis ad, featuring Buster the Boxer and a host of wild animals trampolining, has been named the world’s biggest Christmas TV ad on YouTube.’

This 2016 Guardian article refers to one of the many successful John Lewis Christmas ads. In Put some sparkle in your Christmas Marketing Campaign we take a look at some tips which are still relevant now as when the article was written.

John Lewis makes an appearance again in Campaign’s Best of British Brands.


‘Using much-loved characters from the past to capture attention is a great strategy – just beware licensing pitfall.’

A warning from Campaign comes from The problem with using nostalgic memories to drive brand awareness.

The general gist of these articles is that you have to be prepared and plan in advance. While this is great advice, we aren’t all big brands with a social media team in tow. The best thing we can do, knowing that we have less than two months to go to make an impression, is to continue to research and learn from the brand influencers.

I hope that this has been on some use to you.

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