5 Top Tips For Startups

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Today is the 4th anniversary of PM Noble Consultancy Services and I am grateful for the lessons I have learned. It has been an interesting and insightful journey.

With this in mind, I have decided to share some tips that I believe will be helpful to new SMEs, startups and entrepreneurs.

All the information contained in the articles are very useful and as I could not highlight them all, I have included the links for you to read when you need some inspiration.  They are all good for reference, and I’ll definitely be coming back to this article myself when I need some motivation.

So here goes….

Be Flexible

“Now we are much more flexible on trying different price points and promotional mechanics and we are constantly testing and learning along the way. Now we know what works and what doesn’t going into next year.”

Founder and CEO Rafael Rozenson of Vieve Protein Water from the Forbes article The Startup Lessons These Entrepreneurs Learned in 2017 For Success in 2018.

Keep Learning

‘There’s no going back now. I am forever changed. But if there’s one thing I hope to do for the entrepreneurial community along my journey, it’s start larger dialogues about the importance of personal development while building a business.’

Nicholas Cole of Digital Press from an article on Inc.com 5 Brutal Lessons about Entrepreneurship I Learned in My First Year as a Startup Founder.



“Making connections, asking for advice and just asking the experienced people within my industry questions has been so helpful to the journey I’ve made so far. Harnessing and nurturing these connections has been vital to Profusical’s success.”

Jordan Taylor of Profusical from alphr.com’s article 8 life lessons startup entrepreneurs found out the hard way

Get customer feedback

“There is nothing better than a customer suggesting a product feature or opportunity that we hadn’t thought of. By being open-minded to consumer feedback, we’re able to build a better product to serve them.” 

Vijay Ramani, CEO of Totspot in a Business News Daily article 15 Important Startup Lessons for New Entrepreneurs

As a startup, SME or Entrepreneur you are going to have challenges, so getting as much advice as you can is always a good idea.  In my journey, I have found that speaking to other like-minded business owners has been beneficial in many ways.

One of the many topics of conversation I have had with other self-employed professionals is concerning the passion and enjoyment that they get from working for themselves.

Enjoy what you do!

Anyone who has read my blogs here and on my other site PM Noble Writes will see two overriding themes – Love What You Do or Do What You Love.  I cannot stress this enough.  If we spend over 90,000 hours in our lifetime at work, we need to enjoy it!  I know it’s not easy. Being self-employed isn’t easy, working for others isn’t easy either, so, we should choose to find the good in what we do or to find a way out.

I hope that these tips have been helpful and I hope that they motivate you to keep going. Remember that you are not on your own.

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