Black History Month – Business Edition

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It’s October and once again it is time to celebrate the culture and contribution of Black people in Britain. Black History Month to some represents a month of celebrating history which has been underrepresented; others feel that history is for all and is represented every day. Whichever camp you sit in, I hope that you will see this as an opportunity to check out information and events that are not seen in the headlines.

Here are five sources of information.


‘#UKBlackOwnedBusinesses trending’

The first source of information I want to share with you is an article called 36 UK Black Owned Businesses You Absolutely Need in Your Life in 2017, published in AfRocks.  There really are some interesting businesses on this list.


‘Inspire and Connect’

Networking is the order of the day at the UK Black Business Show which is taking place on the 14th of October 2017 at the Queen Elizabeth II Conference Centre, London.


‘..aims to be the number one place on the net’

One of many directories for Black own businesses is the UK Black Business Directory.


‘Black business owners tend to be marginalised and underrepresented’

Back in 2016 when the #UKBlackOwnedBusinesses started to appear, there were mixed reactions about the need to promote Black businesses rather than just all businesses. The idea was, of course, to allow ALL businesses to be on a level playing field.

In BuzzFeed’s article about 6 UK Business owners of Black businesses, they have tried to highlight companies that we may not have heard of.


‘…some of history’s most influential African-American leaders…’

Although the other sources are British, I have included this American article as I believe that it is interesting and inspiring. It is from Medium and is about Leaders in Business and Entrepreneurship.

If you can’t get enough of Black History and want to read about the impact of Black Business owners from the 1800s onwards, then check out PM Noble Writes Black History Month Special.

For more information about all the events taking place to mark the month, see Black History Month 2017 Listings.

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