Challenge Yourself and Help Your Business

Hello there.

Let me ask you a question. When was the last time you stepped outside your comfort zone and challenged yourself? Now, I’m not talking about stuff like doing a bungee jump or parasailing, but just setting yourself a task that you know will stretch you.

I recently took part in a #RawVeganFor7Days Challenge and I certainly learned a few things about myself. If I’m honest I did wonder what on earth would possess me to do this. However, I reassured myself that it wouldn’t be that difficult as I already adhered to some of the principles. Famous last words.*

So, as business people, Startups and entrepreneurs, you may be asking why am I sharing this with you. Well, it isn’t for the obvious reason- i.e. that we all need to be more health-conscious and look after ourselves a bit better. This is of course, extremely important, but I want to share my thoughts on what I learned from my brief dalliance with Raw Veganism from a business point of view.

My five thoughts:


 You can survive (and some even thrive with) change

No one wants a stagnant personal or business life, and whether you like it or not, change will happen. The good news is, as human beings, we are ‘human doings,’ we ‘do’ all the time, and we have a unique ability to survive when we ‘do’ something new.  A by-product of change is growth and as Ashley Hull- Owolabi of Flexible Future says,

‘We cannot say no to growth, can we?’


It’s okay to fail (or try something a few times)

I know this sounds like an overused cliché, but it really is okay.

It’s okay to fail, just make sure you learn from it. Some of the most high-profile business people have failed and they would tell you that without the lessons learned from their failures they would not be where they are today.

When I think about it, what does ‘fail’ mean anyway? All it means is that you have tried something a few times. Not trying is more of a failure!

Next time there is a slight deviation from your plans or something a bit more drastic happens, just remember that you’ll know what not to do next time round.


You meet new people in the same boat as you

There will always be people in the same position as you and on the same journey. Hopefully, there will be at least one, or two who will encourage and support you. When you find people like that, make sure that you support them too! No one wants to be rowing on their own while traveling in the same direction as others.



Being out of your comfort zone helps you to appreciate your comfort zone


There’s nothing like feeling uncomfortable; it makes you appreciate where you were.

If you were in a safe environment and yet you still found reasons to moan, take a risk, try something new. If you like it great! If, not just remember what you used to moan about. It’s not so bad now, is it?

While it’s good to appreciate what you have and where you came from, stepping out of your comfort zones allows you to test how determined you are to succeed.  This is echoed by Ken BarnesThe Lean MindBody Coach, who put the Raw Vegan challenge together knowing that it takes discipline to persevere when trying something new.


Want something different, do something different!

So, there you have it, trying something new and stepping out of your comfort zone are part of doing something different because you want something different.

Whether you are changing your eating habits or networking, if you cannot see the results you want, or feel as though something isn’t working, then you know you need a new approach. This new approach must start with your mindset, and for many, this is a bigger challenge than the task itself.

Want to read some more? Here’s a piece from PM Noble Writes called Step outside your comfort zone which was written in February.

I hope that this has been an encouragement to you and I would love to hear how you have challenged yourself and helped your business!

Take Care,


*It was a difficult challenge, but I’m glad I tried it. If you fancy a challenge too,  the 7 DayVegan Challenge with the Lean MindBody Coach starts in September. Check the website for details.


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