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This week I thought I would highlight some sources of information which I hope will help to unlock some useful keys to communication.

Whether you are in business or are a student or just about to start a career, communication skills are used on a daily basis, so anything which enhances the way we communicate must be beneficial.

I appreciate that this is a broad subject which cannot be covered in one blog, however, I hope that these five very different sources will be helpful references.


‘Knowing these types of communication, and understanding how they help you become a better communicator is a key to success.’

Masters in Communication, in their article How To Be A Better Communicator cover different types of communication while addressing how important they are.  This article on its own is an in-depth guide.


‘Use pauses instead of fillers.’

A YouTube video of 7 unique tips How to improve communication skills gives examples of conversations which can help to open up topics and allow for a greater flow of conversation.


‘Through active listening, you can better understand what the other person is trying to say, and can respond appropriately.’

Like the article by Masters in Communication, The Balance’Communication Skills for Workplace Success outline the keys areas in which communication plays a significant role in effective communication.


‘A unique and supportive learning environment.’

If you are a not for profit or charity organisation or an individual who wants to make a difference then Fircroft College in Birmingham offers a range of courses including Public Speaking and Presentation Skills. *

Their inclusive setting ensures that all participants are enabled and empowered to express themselves in various ways.


‘…Changing the world through better communication.’

Lisa B Marshall wants to change how we communicate and in her podcasts, as the Public Speaker on we are introduced to a range of communication ‘quick and dirty’ tips. These include a podcast called How To Change Topics Mid-Conversation.

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Well, thanks for reading and I hope that you feel inspired to heighten your communication knowledge

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