Five websites to help Your Business Grow through Great Grammar!

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Are you a busy SME or business owner who is struggling with all the grammar-related aspects of your business?  Are you unsure about how your writing should be phrased? Do you struggle with spelling and punctuation?

Well, while I cannot tackle all of the above in one blog post, I will be directing you to some really useful sites that can get you started on your path to perfect your punctuation!


The first website called Grammar Book is to grammar what Mary Berry is to baking.  The site is a based on The Blue Book of Grammar and Punctuation by the late Jane Straus.  As well practical tips and quizzes on the website, and in the book, you can subscribe to receive newsletters.   With endless information on English language rules, it is definitely a top go-to resource.


The next find that you should check out, is not for everyone, but never the less is worth a look. Grammarly is an online tool to help with grammar and punctuation. There is a free version as well as a premium version. While it can be helpful in all honesty you cannot rely on this alone. It has some limitations and nuances which may be down to the fact that it is an American company.


Speaking of an American company this third example is also Ameican and in her blog British and American team names, Grammar Girl AKA Mignon Fogarty highlights some of the difficulties of English language when addressed from a different cultural perspective.  This is still a good resource to use and her Quick and Dirty Tips site also has a business and career section with useful blogs.


The fourth inclusion of the list is the British Council. It may seem like an unusual place to look for help, as the site is aimed at speakers of English as a second language; there is, however, lots of information, all be it basic. You can find some helpful reminders of the principles of English.


Last on my list is Oxford Dictionaries and to be honest, if you want a quick fix for your writing, then this is not the site for you. It is like having a really in-depth A Level English language lesson.  The reason why I included it was so that you get a balance of resources and I’m sure that you will get something from it.

If you cannot get enough, here are a few more grammar articles I have dug out of the archives of PM Noble Writes:

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So, I hope that this has been a useful resource for you. Remember if you’re struggling with content I can help you with my range of services including blogging, website content writing and proofreading.

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