How to Do What You Love – Part Two

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So this is the second part of How to Do What You Love –  Part Two.

Last week I shared some sources of information which I hoped would inspire you in your business journey. This week is no different. I hope that you find some motivation in the material that I’m going to share this week.

Here are my top five choices of videos, articles and quotes.

‘…working for a living or living for your work’

Which of these apply to you?

A YouTube video called Love What You Do uses Mark Zuckerberg‘s thoughts and insights to motivate and challenge you to move towards your purpose.

‘know your purpose’

In The Secret to Success, John Maxwell a motivational speaker and author gives us a snippet of information which reiterates the point that you need a plan and you need a purpose that will show you How to Do What You Love.

‘Goal setting is a powerful process…to turn your vision of this future into reality’

This is according to an article called Personal Goal Setting.

It may take you years to work out what your purpose is but once you do, spending time setting goals and objectives will help you move closer to achieving what you really want.

I hope that … your business will be the inspiration for other businesses

Last year I wrote Motivate Yourself! as an encouragement as we were moving towards 2018, and now here we are!

I don’t think that you can ever have too much help along this business road as there are as many twists and turns as there are straight paths.

I hope that you continue throughout 2018 with drive and passion sharing your experience and knowledge with other businesses so that they too will know how to do what they love.

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