Motivate Yourself!

Hi there.

Do you feel like you’re stuck or you’re settling for less?

Need some inspiration or motivation for yourself or others who work with you?

Well, you are in the right place.

This week’s blog is literally a bite of information which I hope will inspire you to move forward.

I thought I’d put together a few sources of information in the form of videos, speeches and talks from some high flyers in the Business and Marketing field, which I hope will put a spring in your business step.

My top four are:

From those guys at Ted in The 10 Most Popular Ted Talks. If you love talks from around the world by a vast range of speakers then Ted Talks is for you.

The Best Motivational Videos of 2017 from allows you to reflect on 207 and hopefully feel charged and ready to go into 2018!

Business Insider’s 9 Sources Of Inspiration For Highly Successful People points you in the direction of successful people, and where they go for encouragement.

One of the biggest names in marketing is HubSpot and here they share some influential best speeches.

Thanks for reading and I hope that 2018 will be such a great year, that your business will be the inspiration for other businesses.

Take care.







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