New Year New Goals

Hi there.

Happy New Year – Welcome to January!

I hope that you had a peaceful and productive Christmas and New Year.  If like me, you have started the New Year thinking, ‘What next?’ well, stay tuned.

I am not a resolutions person, however, this week I thought I would put together a few sources of motivation which will hopefully help you to set some goals for 2018!

Here are some websites and their interesting business and personal posts to check out:

Gen Twenty 18 Goals to Set in 2018

Fast Company How to Really Accomplish Your Goals in 2018

Trello Best Trello Ideas Of The Year For Achieving Your Goals In 2018

Retire By 40 2018 New Year Goals and Resolutions 4 Tips To Help You Achieve Your Goals in 2018

Now, if the above is not enough and you want hardcore, listen to this,

‘Most people’s goals are going to suck.’

This is according to Anthony Moore in his article called 13 Strategies to Upgrade Your 2018 Goals and Achieve 1000x the Results.  Written in the Mission section of Medium.

We all need a bit of a push in the right direction at times, so I hope that your New Year and New Goals won’t suck and that you gain something new from all of these tips.

Whatever you do, have a great year with many successful achievements in your business and personal life.

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