New Year New Plans?

Hi There.

Welcome to 2019!

I hope that 2018 was good for you, and may 2019 be a truly successful year.

If you’re an SME or Startup what are your plans and goals for your business? Have your aims changed for this year?

Well, whatever you decide to do, the first thing which you should have already started was some sort of plan or schedule for the year ahead.

Part of the marketing strategy for your company is to have a marketing plan, so below you’ll find a few helpful links from some familiar business brands to help you on your way.



Marketing Donut

The Balance Small Business

While you’re here, how is your business plan looking? Have you actually checked it lately to see whether your current business lines up with the original idea?


Many of us, do not see our business plans as a ‘live’ document, which needs to be updated and modified periodically to reflect the growth or transition of the business.

If you don’t have a business plan or need to update yours, then here are some more links with templates.

Startup Loans

Great Business

With so much information out there and not enough time, I thought I’d put this quick guide together with links which I hope have been helpful.

Remember PM Noble Consultancy can help with blogging and content for your website as part of your marketing campaign for 2019.

Get in touch as I’d love to hear from you.

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