Spring Forward Fall Back

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So, it’s that time of the year again when most of us sigh as we realise that we have to adjust all our non-digital clocks around our home and offices and try not to think about the long dark nights ahead.

While the main benefit of putting the clock back an hour is more time in bed, what does adjusting the clock do for productivity in business and can you spring back as well as forward?

This week I thought I’d put together articles about moving the clock forward for Daylight Saving Time (DST) and putting the clock back an hour (from a business point of view). Do we need to change the way we work when the clocks are changed?

In an article about Fortune, Eric Sherman writes an article about where it all started and,

‘How Daylight Saving Time Affects Your Health and Productivity.’

CNN also states reasons why they believe that Daylight saving time can be bad for your health when referring specifically to when clocks go forward. This seems obvious that a lack of sleep can be a problem, but what about when the clocks go back?

This is addressed in part by another article by The Telegraph called,

‘What time do the clocks go back this weekend- and why do they still change?’

So, any changes to your clocks have an impact on your sleeping pattern, but what about your emotional wellbeing?

Kate Horowitz, in her article for Mental Floss, asks,

Is daylight saving to blame for seasonal depression?’

While there is no conclusive evidence that daylight saving time is responsible for Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD), it may play a part – see the NHS website for a definition and symptoms.

Okay, so is there any evidence to show there is a direct correlation between DST and a hindrance to productivity and what can be done about it?

In Focus by Media Expert, we are told how DST has some sort of effect on productivity when clocks are put forward and how,

Remaining productive through British daylight saving hours,’

can be achieved with a few tips.

While these tips are about the summer months, I think that the advice about taking a run during your lunch break is sound advice as we all know that exercise releases endorphins which make you feel more positive and it also gives you the chance to look at the beautiful Autumn colours around you.

In a 2013 article in Forbes, we are given ways to get through the coming months and with 12 Tips For Staying Productive Through The Bleak Winter Months.

At the start, I asked whether we need to change the way we work as the clocks are changed; only if you know that you or your work is going to suffer. Many self-employed people slow down their pace of work and even diversify what they do in order to make sure that they maintain a healthy and productive work/ life balance.

If you are not in a position to slow down that much then it’s a case of taking a few steps in the right direction with some of the solutions offered in the Forbes article. If all else fails just remember that before you know it it’ll soon be spring.

Whatever you do take care.


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