What on earth can I write about on my business blog? 10 useful sites that’ll help!

Hi there.

We’re more than halfway through the year already!

Do you feel as though you have exhausted all the subjects that you can think of for your business website? So, what now?

You could trawl through the millions of search results which is all pretty time-consuming, or you could read this blog!

I’ve tackled the monotonous part and compiled a list of 10 sites and links that have some really useful suggestions that you can use straight away.

As well as ideas, some sites have also included platforms such as BuzzSumo and Moz Keyword Explorer which will help you to compare sites and decide relevant words for your blogs.

Here’s the list…


Startbloggingonline.com – 101 Blog Post ideas to make your blog posts hot


Neil PatelHow to Come Up with 93 blog ideas in 10 minutes


Jeff Bullas – 6 Ways to Find Blog Topics when you’re stuck


Quicksprout.com – Top 35 Blogging Ideas that are guaranteed to be popular


Expresswriters.com – 20 Creative Blog Ideas for Writers


Optinmonster.com – 103 Blog Post Ideas that your readers will love


Splashcopywriters.com – 18 ingenious (and free) ways to source blog content ideas that’ll wow your audience


Forbes – 5 Ways to Come Up with New Blog Post Ideas in 15 minutes or less


Mention 47 No-Fail Ways to Come Up with Blog Post Ideas


Active Campaign – What can I write a blog about? 23 places to find unique blog content ideas

As a treat and just because I can, I have included a bonus link:

An article by Duct Tape Marketing telling you What you should write on a company blog

A couple of points…

You may have noticed some overlap with the sites when they make the same suggestion. I see this as a positive indication that it is a good idea and should probably be explored sooner rather than later.

For those eagle-eyed enough, did you notice that Neil Patel is on the list twice?  Well, that’s okay too, you take what you can. The suggestions are just that – suggestions.

Another suggestion I have for you is to go through the sites, pick which ones work best for you, then make up a blogging schedule for the next six months (if you can).

I find that putting together guides or lists can be useful for future reference. You don’t always need everything right now, but at least you know where it is and if the information changes or updates, you still have the website name as a potential source.

I hope this has been useful.

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I’d love to help.




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